Are you looking for a place where you can escape everything for a while? Do you need a reprieve from your daily routine and are planning to possibly camp somewhere?

Well, look no further than Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya! Where you can find Camp Oliweg Landing Destination or more commonly known as COLD Campsite.

Things to do in COLD Campsite

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Important things to note:

– If you’re planning on going, make sure you’ve done enough research so you will know what to expect, especially when camping in remote areas. Lucky for you I have this post that can act as your starting guide!

– I recommend checking COLD campsite’s official Facebook page. There might be changes of important information like prices and camp rules. 

– Even if you’re not going to camp and will just be visiting, there will be an entrance fee (check their page for the price).  This is in support for the maintenance and continued improvement of the campgrounds which is run by the locals who are lovely people.

Registration Area COLD

Who will enjoy COLD Campsite?

We have different preferences, and the same could be applied to travels or escapades. Some people will love the campsite (my family and I did) and some will not. COLD campsite will not appeal to all. Such is life.


With that said, who then, will enjoy the campsite?

  • people who aren’t picky (COLD campsite is not a hotel, it’s a campground. So adjust your expectations accordingly)
  • people who camp regularly
  • people who are okay with bringing their own stuff
  • people who love nature
  • big groups like family and “barkada” (who identify with the above mentioned qualities)
HOWEVER, the campsite isn’t exclusive to people who will be staying overnight (camping), you can also visit in the day. So if you plan on not staying long (hence, not needing to bring lots of stuff) then you can enjoy their other activities such as hiking, having a picnic, biking, or just sightseeing. 

Camping and what you NEED to know

So, have you decided that you might be part of the people who’ll enjoy COLD Campsite?  If so, read on. 🙂

As the name suggests, COLD campsite offers a campground. I want to emphasize here that they are basically just offering you their campgrounds. Meaning you will have to bring most of your camping gears. Further on this post, I will be sharing a list of possible things you might need.



You can bring your own tent or you can rent a teepee house or “kubo”.  You can also do car camping! Check their facebook for the prices.


For the people who are thinking of renting these A style houses, be informed that you will still need to bring your own beddings. Make sure to bring blankets and extra beddings/ or carton boxes for you to sleep on.  


I recommend checking the weather first before deciding if you’ll camp in your tent or rent a teepee house. Or if you’re well prepared with camping in your tent in the rain then by all means do that. 🙂


You can check the campsite’s contact information in their facebook page, reach out beforehand to ask about their current weather and details for reservation.

As you can see, be prepared for the rain too. I say check in with them for their weather because hiking will not be available to you if it rains.


Keep that in mind. 


That is what happened to us the second time we went, we weren’t able to hike but hey! We can’t control the weather, we can only prepare for it. It is what it is. 🙂




Tip: When it’s raining, make sure to bring your footwear inside your tent/teepee house. Or you’ll wake up to soggy shoes. Not a good thing. 

What to expect?

I’ve camped in COLD campsite with my family for 3 times now (been there 4 times). It’s a testament of how much we enjoyed the place. All 3 have been a 2 days-1 night escapade while our first time visiting was just to scout the place. So I have enough experience to share what it’s like to camp in their campgrounds as I have been there a few times.

First things first, it WILL BE COLD. 

Very fitting given the name. 

If you plan on staying overnight, bring appropriate clothes and beddings or else you will freeze (trust me, I almost did). 

It might be okay during the day (might actually be hot when the sun is out) but when night comes, especially when it’s raining, then the temperature will suddenly drop. 

The water there will also be cold, so keep that in mind.

What do they offer?

They have clean and functional restrooms (or bathrooms, whatever floats your boat), so you don’t have to worry about taking care of your basic hygiene needs. They have running water in hoses, and a reserve water tank just in case there will be a shortage, so you’re covered.

They also have a cooking area equipped with the basics. When we were there they had stove and gas (make sure to ask them for availability). They also have basic pots and pans, chopping board, knife, and cutleries. Again, make sure to ask them first for the availability. My family brought our cooking gears, so we didn’t really use them, just the stove.  


Also, bring your own water jug. There is a water refilling station about 15 minutes before you reach the campsite. Make sure to refill it BEFORE proceeding to the campgrounds. They do have water jugs the last time we went there (April 9-10, 2023), but it’s better to be prepared than arriving empty handed.


What about electricity? Well, they do have charging ports. One in the cooking area, and one in the restroom near the cooking area. During the night, they have functional lights strategically placed around the campgrounds, but there will be no lights inside the teepee houses. So bring flashlights and powerbank. Also, the signal is not stable. But I’m assuming you’re there not for the signal connection. 

What about activities? I’ll discuss them further on this post but if you want to, you can jump to it by clicking here.

What about Food?

I’m pleased to inform you that they DO have a sari-sari store. They offer bottled water, hot water in thermos, beverages like soft-drinks (solo ones, not in liters), chocolate drinks, yakult.


Most importantly, they have coffee packets and cup noodles. This is important especially for sitting around the bonfire. I don’t remember everything they offer, but they also have biscuits. 


Oh, and they have “balut” too!


I took this picture before they had set up a sari-store (around early February 2023).

COLD store

So they have enough “food” for you not to starve, but if you want to enjoy your time there and have a good meal, or if you’re with big groups, then you will need to bring your own food, rice, meat, veggies, and seasonings! Very important if you want your food to have flavor.

Here are some of the food that we brought. Mom made it, so of course, it’s bound to be good. (Also that mountain you see on the background is what you’ll be hiking. It’s a fun activity, great exercise, beautiful view, highly recommend.)

List of things to bring

These might be the possible things you will have to bring before camping. Again, I’m just sharing the basics, adjust this list according to your needs and preference.

  • Tents/camping gears
  • BEDDINGS and appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Basic hygiene stuff (toiletries) 
  • FOOD (or else you’ll be hungry and grumpy making you a bad camping companion)
  • Cooking utensils and cutleries (pots, pans, chopping board, KNIFE)
  • SCISSORS and ropes (just in case)
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Powerbanks and chargers
  • Trashbags (be responsible for your own trash)
  • Shoes that you can use for hiking (if you’re planning on taking the two hour hike, which I recommend. My sister hiked with sandals so use that information however you will, lol)
  • Bikes (they have a large flat open space/ an airstrip) near the campgrounds, it’s perfect to ride the bike or to jog in the cold morning)

Activities in COLD Campsite


Having said all of that I can now share what I love about this place!

COLD Campsite at Night

My favorite thing might just be the camp at night! When the weather cooperates (sometimes it rains, but again, such is life) then you will have the opportunity to stargaze. 

These pictures were taken by my phone Google Pixel4a Mini (Nightsight/astrophotography). Shot at 2:00 am, March 27, 2023


I also love that you can hike the nearby mountain there! (I asked them the name before, I just forgot, so I can’t tell you the exact name of the mountain)


The hike takes about 1-2 hours. And you will have to take a guide. This is in support of the locals who manage the campsite, plus they were so nice and patient with us, especially because we were stopping so many times for photo ops. Their rate is 1 guide for 5 hikers for 250 pesos. (Check their facebook page just in case). Before every hike they will have a short orientation for the do’s and dont’s when hiking. Make sure to listen attentively. You’re there to visit, so act accordingly.


You can watch this little reel that I made for you to see a bit of what it’s like to hike. Definitely do it when you are able. It’s beautiful.


Do NOT litter when you hike. Take your trash down with you, don’t leave it up there.

If you’re like me who likes to take tons of pictures and videos, then you’ll likely spend 2 hours too. I also recommend bringing powerbank just incase your battery won’t last, mine certainly didn’t. My phone died halfway through the hike. But no worries, I hiked again the third time we went.

When you hike, they’ll direct you to the school (there is a nearby elementary school) that is where this picture is taken.


I recommend taking the hike if you’re able! I’m assuming you’re camping to take your mind off of things, and hiking will definitely provide a good distraction, especially if you’re not physically fit like me. You’ll be focusing on just managing the most easiest task possible: breathing.


I drank coffee before the hike and I palpitated on the way up, definitely not the wisest decision.

Picnic and Bonfire

The campground is very spacious. Perfect for picnic during the day, and bonfire for the night.

During the day you have plenty of space to do a lot of things. 

My family and I tried flying kites, but we were unsuccessful. The kids also played badminton, mom and ate played volleyball. You can also have a picnic, or ride bikes, you can play tag, run around, or just lounge under the shade. 

You’re there to relax, so relax. Read a book maybe. Or sleep. Play card games, stuff like that.

For campers: Be informed that there might be a bonfire expense (that will be added to your overall bill).This is for the wood that’ll be used for the bonfire. I am not sure about the specifics, so ask the management at the COLD Campsite’s Facebook page.


At night, my family set up the barbecue while the bonfire was lit. Coffee was passed around,  kids were playing running in circles, adults having sing alongs around the bonfire. Overall fun time.


If you wake up early enough, you can see their own “sea of clouds”.


You can watch it while you warm up by the bonfire, sipping coffee. Life is good.


During the day, you can also visit the nearby airstrip, a wide flat space near the campgrounds. I was told it used to be a landing/ take-off space for the planes used in the world war, but I didn’t really pay much attention then, so I might be wrong. Ask them when you arrive, and share the story with me.


How to Get there

I am not the best person to be telling you how to get to COLD campsite because I have no sense of direction. Better to ask for directions from the COLD Campsite facebook page.

I’ll try my best by stating the landmarks. Enter through Salinas (where the schools are located). Then follow that path, the roads to reach the campgrounds vary from cemented, to rough roads, to tirepots. So be prepared. The travel from Salinas to the campground is approximately 1-2 hours. (depending on your speed and on who is driving) 

How will you know you're going the right way?

Don’t worry, there are signs scattered in the roads that will lead you to the camp grounds. Make sure to read the signages there. Remember it’s quite far so be prepared. When in doubt, you can always ask the locals for directions. 



Also, if you encounter this weird almost 1/2 cemented road (I say almost half because it doesn’t quite fit the car’s 4 tires) then you are close, very close, rejoice because that was a bit of a journey.

Extra activities to do before reaching the campsite


If you’re coming from Bambang, then you can drink buko juice along the road. I heard there are also buko halo-halo going around in Barat, haven’t tried them yet, but that could be a choice for you.


Drink, eat and rest because it will take you another 1-2 hours (I’m stressing this info out because the first time we went, we weren’t prepared for the time it took to reach the campsite, lol).

It was already beautiful even before reaching the campsite. The roads leading there (the tire pots with pine trees on either side) and the views were such a sight to behold. It was instantly calming for me.


On our third time, my family and I packed lunch. Then set up a quick picnic on the side of the road. We ate, cooled down (the birds were having a concert back then, you can actually hear them well in the video) before packing up and continuing the journey to the campsite.


I love the roads there, mainly because of the pine tree scent. It was so strong then, and I loved it.


Remember: refill your water jugs!

These are just some of the extra activities you can do before you reach the campsite. Part of the experience and of course, added fun 🙂

Final Reminders

Make sure to take the time to screenshot the rules below. These are the rules set up by the management of the campgrounds.


Recap list

If you have any questions or are interested in going yourself, you can reach out to COLD Campsite Facebook page. You can find their contacts there.

Happy Camping Ending Page

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