Things to do in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya: Heartland Resort

Are you looking for things to do in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya? Particularly near  Poblacion? Then I suggest adding Heartland Resort to your list! 

Contact Information taken from Heartland Facebook Page (September 2023)

Amenities Offered in Heartland

You can pick and choose which parts of the post you want to know about by clicking the respective amenities (and other information) in the list below.


There is a few car spaces available inside the resort, but don’t fret, there is plenty outside. So parking is not a problem in Heartland. 

Swimming Pool

Heartland offers swimming pools! I am pumped about this because we don’t have to travel up to an hour anymore to access resorts in Bambang/ Aritao/ Bayombong. This means certain celebrations can be held here! Like blowouts, brithdays, or anniversaries (or just to swim for a few hours to cool down).

Resorts are a common getaway for families to celebrate important events or milestones, and now we have an accessible one here in lower Tondo!

They have a kiddie pool for your kids and babies, and a bigger pool that gets deeper as you go. So anyone can enjoy swimming here, even if you don’t know how to swim. I think the pool goes up to around 5 (point something) ft (don’t quote me on that though, I’m basing the depth by comparing it to my height. I’m around 5’2″ and at the very end of the pool, I am completely submerged).

It was a random Tuesday morning when my adings and I decided to swim here. We were so lucky because we had the pool all to ourselves, it was spacious and clean and very pleasant to swim in.

The prices I have put on this post is based on this tarpaulin at the resort on September 2023. Just in case, you can always reach out to Heartland for clarifications.

Daytime Swimming

If you don’t plan on staying the night or even overnight and just want to swim,  they have an entrance fee so you can access the pool. The entrance fee is based on your age and other factors.




Again, these rates I based on the tarpaulin at Heartland

You can check out these reels to see what it was like to spend the day in Heartland. We also did a cute, fun, TOTALLY harmless challenge. You can see just how much we struggled getting the letters right.


Sidenote: Please be careful, lol.

Nighttime Swimming


Pool Rules and Reminders

Refer to the pictures below for the rules and reminders set up by the management. Read and follow because they’re there for your safety. Information are written in Ilocano and English.

Shower and Comfort Rooms

Heartland offers outdoor showers and comfort rooms. They have separate ones for women and men. These comfort rooms are fully functional and well kempt.


Reminder: There are trash bins available around the resort, so use them. Be mindful of the trash you leave behind.

Cottages and Rates

There are cottages/ kubo’s scattered around the pool if you want to rent. The big ones are for 500 php while the small ones are for 300 php. Again this price rate is in September 2023. So it might change in the future. 


They also offer videoke! The price is 500 php from 8 am until 8 pm only. 

Sari-Sari Store

Heartland also has a sari-sari store. 

Rooms and Rates

For overnight guests, you can rent their rooms. I asked the staff and they said the rate is for 24 hours. So non-Kasibunians or even Kasibunians who plan on staying for an extended period of time can.


I don’t have an opinion about their rooms because I haven’t tried them yet. I’ll update this post once I get to stay overnight. (I don’t really have much of a reason to stay overnight because home is near.)

Heartland Under Construction

Heartland is still undergoing construction, it’s still in the making. With new establishments and new amenities being built. However, it is already a beautiful place to visit. So excited to see the continued progress. 

Heartland Location

Heartland Resort is located at Banaga St., Purok 7, Poblacion, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya

If you have queries you can reach out to the management. That’s all I can share about my experience here. I only went once so the information I have is not as detailed as I would want it to be. Will definitely update this post once I have additions.

Happy stay at Heartland! :)

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